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Get the design you want

The choice is yours and the rest of the effort is ours. Hundreds of customizable features and thousands of possibilities await you.Incorporating corporate websites into your business now made easier than ever. We also provide separate web hosting and bulk SMS services. We help your corporate website develop exponentially through our expertise in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and getting better-qualified traffic.

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Define your identity

Your values and the way you are perceived is a matter of definition. Once defined establishing the identity is our expertise.We give your brand a discreet and exuberant stand out than others. We project your company’s brand identity the way you want your customers to perceive. We support you to build a high reputation and consistency in the market.

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It is easy when you have got Help

We have got your back. Swift solutions for any hurdles. Helping you make the most of thee-commerce. Our unparalleled technology and dynamic support system help you be the best. The Search Engine Optimization helps you attract large volumes of quality traffic for your product. We provide a complete package to meet your required demands for your online business through our e-commerce platform.

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Engine make a vehicle powerful

Be Super-efficient, fast and powerful. Get a Travel Booking Engine designed from us and experience the shift in gears.Our shortest and easy methods of travel booking programs will make the travel effortless. Your customers will love a complete suite of hotel booking, traveling estimations, and most suitable suggestions on travel.

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Why be Clunky when you can be Clean and charming?

All features and designs available. Time to make everyone love the shape of you.A hassle free and easy way for your customers to recharge their essential needs.Provision to renew any need that requires a recharge.We allow your customers to pay with any modes of online payment.

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Safety and Security with Ease

The more comfortable and secure your customers feel, better is the business you get. We provide asecure and easy way to keep your money safe online. We adhere to our protection policy and never disclose our customer’s identity. We guide you and your customers with each and every step to make the wallet implementation process friendly.

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Spick and Span Yet Strongly Fortified

Help your customers drive through the gateway easily. All solutions available for the most critical payment process.The seller can accept any form of online payment through payment gateways. We provide robust payment gateway solutions through our innovative payment processing solutions for all business sizes.

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Experience the freedom from Paperwork

Enable the students to learn better with automated solutions. Receive all the aid in modifying the system and being clutter-free.Helps to maintain an effective relationship between the students and the organization. Guiding students with problems related to room assignments, finding people of thesame community, introducing them to various opportunities, and Housing related issues. We also help schools to improve their performances, meet their grievancesand set school improvement goals.

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Why Should You Work The Univiz Way?

In Univiz, our focus is on the overall feel of your framework. We give you the channels to implement the most conventional and successful methods blended with modern day technique and innovation. Our motive is to give the user best of his experience. Teamwork is our key to unlock the doors of victory. Our members work together, to achieve the targets set by you for your organization and lead you to triumph.

Digital Marketing Simplified with Univiz

In Univiz, teamwork is the key. We work at lengths to prepare efficient strategies for your brand, which help in achieving the goals of your organization. From the very beginning to the enormous heights you want your brand to touch, we handhold your product and make sure it reaches the right people at the right place through the right channels in the right market. From the market response to consumer satisfaction, we evaluate everything to make sure that the corrections are done when required.

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